The objective of this annual conference is to provide a platform to the researchers, academicians and professionals who are working in the area of theory and applications of interactive and intelligent systems. Topics which are included, but are not limited to, are the following:

Computer and Information Science

 Artificial Intelligence

 Computer Graphics and Image Processing

 Computer network and Security

 Computer Science and Engineering

 Computer simulation and modeling

 Computer-aided design / manufacturing

 Database Technology and Data Warehousing

 Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

 Grid computing

 Image processing and acquisition

 Information retrieval and Information Security

 Internet and Web Applications

 Knowledge discovery and data mining

 Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms

 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

 Programming Languages and Techniques

 Semantic Grid and Natural Language Processing

 Software Engineering

 System Modeling and Simulation

 Automation and Control Engineering

 Automatic Control Systems

 Control Theory and Control Engineering

 Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment

 Distributed Control Systems

 Electric Automation

 Fault Diagnosis

 Fuzzy Control and Fuzzy System

 Industrial Automation

 Intelligent Automation and Manufacturing

 Intelligent Control and Intelligent System

 Intelligent Management and Decision-making

 Mechanic Manufacturing System

 Mechatronics and Robotics

 Network Control and Neuro Control

 Office Automation

 Process Control

 Transport Control Theory And Methodologies

 Electronics and Communication Technology 

 Antennas - Design, Modeling and Measurement

 Audio/Speech Signal Processing


 Biomedical Electronics

 Channel Coding

 Communication and Wireless Systems


 Electronic Devices in Communications

 Image/Video Processing and Coding

 Industrial Electronics and Automations

 Integrated Optics

 Medical Imaging and Image Analysis

 Microwave Circuits - Systems and Applications

 Multimedia Communications

 Optical Communications

 Photonic Technologies

 Radio Propagations

 Signal Detection and Estimation

 Signal and Informatics Processing

 Telecommunication Services and Applications

 VLSI Design and Fabrication

 Wireless Communication and Wireless Networking

 Management Information System and E-commerce

 Data Mining and E-Commerce

 Decision Support System and Models

 E-Commerce and E-Government

 Engineering Management Information system

 Knowledge Management System

 Logistics and Supply Chain system

 Manufacturing Engineering management

 Risk and Security Management System

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